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Floor Speech: "Paycheck Fairness"

Posted on April 8, 2014

            The Alexander amendment, I say to my friend from Nevada, is a pretty simple amendment.  It talks about giving working parents more flexibility so they can go to soccer games and piano recitals; in other words, to be better parents. 

            A few years ago Captain Kangaroo – Robert Keeshan – and I, along with some other people, started a company.  After our company merged with another company, it became the largest worksite daycare company in America.  What we found out was that the greatest value working parents with young children wanted was flexibility.  Our fear is that this proposal, which is called paycheck fairness, would actually limit the flexibility employers can give to working parents so they can go to their children's activities. 

            My amendment is a very simple amendment.  It is only a paragraph or two, and it simply restates the law and makes it clear that if you run a dry cleaner with three people in it, you don't have to hire a lawyer to define a job for an employee with a child in such a way that that employee can go to the piano recital or soccer game.  Instead of being about more litigation, it is about giving more flexibility for working parents.