Each year, I recommend projects to the Senate Appropriations Committee, on which I serve, that I believe are important to the state of Tennessee.  I make these recommendations after my staff and I spend time talking with state and local officials, non-profit organizations, and members of the community regarding federal funding needed for projects across Tennessee.  Here are the criteria we use:
  1. The project must have a compelling public purpose and a clear federal role.
  2. Other funding sources - including local, state, and private - should be tried first.
  3. Projects cannot depend on this funding indefinitely - there must be a plan to rely on other funding avenues.
  4. The project must meet the same guidelines as every other project funded by the relevant federal department or agency.

I also hope you'll take a minute to read an op-ed I wrote about the importance of asking Congress to fund Tennessee projects.  You can read it here.