Statement OF Sen. Alexander - Senate Energy Bill

Posted on April 1, 2004

There is an anti-jobs minority in the United States Senate that is destroying jobs in the chemical industry in Tennessee and America. This anti-jobs minority is stopping us from building a pipeline that would start in Alaska where there is already natural gas under the ground, and bringing it here to reduce the price of natural gas so that we can save at least a million jobs in the chemical industry in America. Natural gas in the U.S. has gone from the lowest in the industrialized world in 2001 to the highest in the world, from approximately $2.00 per unit to more than $5.00 per unit. Now it doesn't take much of a student to figure out how long a company like Eastman Chemical, for instance, in Tennessee - where 10,000 people have worked for nearly a century - is going to continue to pay $5.00 or $6.00 per unit for natural gas, when they can operate the same plant in Germany for half that cost or less than half that cost.