Alexander: Lawmakers Need to Go to Work on Country's Problems

Says Presidential Politics Is Not an Excuse For Congress To Take a Year Off

Posted on January 22, 2008

U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) today in a speech on the Senate floor said Republicans are ready to work with their Democratic Senate colleagues to “change the way Washington does business by going to work on the big issues facing our country.” “We invite the Democrats to work with us in a bipartisan way to get principled solutions this year for the problems facing our country,” said Alexander, the chair of the Republican Conference in the Senate. “This is the United States Senate where it often takes 60 votes to get a meaningful result. We are here to do good things for our country, and there is plenty to do.” Alexander listed the housing market crisis, skyrocketing oil prices, and rising health care costs as just some of the issues Congress should address in 2008. “It’s a presidential year, and some around town are writing that we won’t get much done in Congress,” Alexander said.” But we don’t want to take a year off in dealing with these serious issues facing our country. A number of politicians are campaigning for change. Republican senators are ready to work with our colleagues for real solutions.” Alexander cited as examples the following issues Congress should work towards: • Ensuring that every American has health insurance, starting with small business health insurance plans. • Reforming the tax code so Americans can afford to buy private insurance. • Keeping America’s brainpower on our shores. Stop jobs from going overseas by growing more jobs at home. • Improving healthcare for rural patients—including expectant mothers who must drive long-distances to receive care. • Stopping runaway lawsuits that require doctors to pay exorbitant malpractice fees. “We have our differences. This is a debating society,” Alexander said. “But we don’t just stop with our disagreements. We should finish with results.” ###