Alexander Opposes Nominee to Social Security Advisory Board

Says Nominee Seems Unwilling to Deal with Out-of-Control Entitlement Spending

Posted on September 8, 2014

WASHINGTON, Sept. 8, 2014 – U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) released the following statement on his vote against Henry Aaron, President Barack Obama's nominee to the Social Security Advisory Board:

“I’m voting against Dr. Aaron’s nomination to the Social Security Advisory Board because he doesn’t seem willing to deal with the single biggest driver of our federal debt — out-of-control entitlement spending. He opposes using more accurate cost of living adjustments, which even the president has proposed, and recommended that the president disregard the debt ceiling even though Dr. Aaron admitted such an action would be unconstitutional.  Dr. Aaron’s views on our debt and out-of-control entitlement spending are both baffling and wrong.”