Statement Of Senator Lamar Alexander Senate Energy Subcommittee Chairman - President’s Remarks On Energy policy

Posted on April 27, 2005

The President talked about the kind of comprehensive energy policy we must have in this country to lower natural gas prices and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.    A bill that Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota and I introduced supports the President’s proposals by giving more flexibility to tap natural gas resources, incentivizing more facilities for the storage of liquefied natural gas, and encouraging alternative fuels.  The President also talked about the use of nuclear power. During the 30 years that the United States has not built new nuclear power plants, other countries have moved ahead. France produces 78 percent of its electricity from nuclear power plants. Japan, once devastated by nuclear weapons, generates one-third of its electricity from nuclear plants. New nuclear power plants could keep production costs down and keep jobs from moving overseas. All of these actions as part of a comprehensive clean energy bill will move us to the day when natural gas and fuel will be more affordable and we will be more independent as a nation.