Statement Of Sen. Lamar Alexander - Energy Bill

Posted on July 31, 2003

I would call this the Lazarus Energy Bill. It was on its death bed this morning and is on its way to passage tonight. What this means to the average American is enormously significant. It increases the likelihood that there will be natural gas from Alaska that will lower the price of heating homes and will make it more likely that chemical companies will stay in the United States instead of going to Germany. It increases the likelihood that there will be new nuclear power plants that will keep prices of electricity low and will clean the air in the Tennessee Valley better than what we're doing today. It increases the likelihood that we'll be using renewable fuel and cleaning the air. It increases the likelihood that 20 years from now as the President has said, we hope that some of our children and grandchildren will be driving a hydrogen vehicle, saving energy and cleaning the air. So this is a big day for American working people. I see it as an energy bill but more importantly, a jobs bill because it increases the likelihood that we can keep a reliable supply of low-cost energy available in America to keep our jobs from moving overseas.