Alexander: We Should Shift Focus from Tariffs to Reciprocity

Posted on June 8, 2018

WASHINGTON, June 8, 2018 — On the Senate floor, U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) said he agrees with President Trump on taxes and judges and regulations and is proud of the many GOP accomplishments in the past 18 months, but he is still hoping to persuade him on tariffs.  

“I saw [President Trump] in Nashville last week, I said, ‘Mr. President, as you know, I agree with you and am proud of what has happened with the best economy in the last 18 years, with the lower taxes, with the fewer regulations, all of those things. It’s the most significant accomplishments in at least 30 years by a conservative government. I would like to persuade you to change your mind on tariffs because our state is likely to be hurt more than any other state because in many ways we're the number one auto state.’”

“What I would suggest, respectfully, to the President is to shift focus from tariffs to reciprocity. In other words, say to every country, ‘Please do for us what we do for you,’” Alexander said.

Alexander continued, “That would be consistent with all the other accomplishments that have happened in the last 18 months. That would be consistent with the lower taxes and the fewer regulations and the other actions that have increased the best economy in the last 18 years. And it's my hope that I can become more persuasive on that. Article 1, Section 8, gives Congress the specific right to deal with tariffs, and I hope that we do.”

You can watch the full speech here and read the transcript here.