U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander Honored As Guardian Of Small Business By NFIB

Posted on October 7, 2004

NFIB, the nation's largest small-business group, today named U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander (Tenn.) a Guardian of Small Business for his outstanding voting record on behalf of America's small-business owners in the 108th Congress. NFIB President and CEO Jack Faris praised Sen. Alexander for "taking a stand" for small business, citing Alexander's 100 percent NFIB voting record. "The numbers speak for themselves, and the record shows that when the roll is called, Senator Alexander is a true and consistent advocate for Main Street small businesses," Faris said. "Alexander is a stalwart champion of small business, having stood strong on a number of key small-business votes in the 108th Congress," Faris said. NFIB's voting record tallies six key small-business votes in the U.S. Senate taken during the 2003 and 2004 sessions. Issues range from tax relief, to liability reform, to regulatory reform. In all, NFIB will present Guardian awards to 48 senators and 232 representatives who voted favorably on key small-business issues at least 70 percent of the time during the 108th Congress. For a copy of "How Congress Voted" which has the key small-business votes and voting percentages for each lawmaker, contact NFIB Media Communications at (202) 554-9000 or go to www.NFIB.com.