Alexander Cosponsors Resolution Honoring the Life of Simon Wiesenthal

Posted on September 21, 2005

Washington – U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) cosponsored a resolution by Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) honoring the life of Simon Wiesenthal, who passed away Tuesday at the age of 96. “Simon Wiesenthal was a strong voice for humanity and justice in our world,” said Alexander. “He survived 12 prison camps during the Holocaust, and spent more than 50 years hunting Nazi war criminals and bringing them to trial. Mr. Wiesenthal felt the most important thing he ever did was to not let people forget the lessons of the Holocaust. His legacy will be one of tolerance and justice.” The resolution, authored by Senator Coleman, pays tribute to Simon Wiesenthal’s life and work, including: ·He was a survivor of the Holocaust and 12 Nazi prison and work camps; ·He was one of the few survivors of the retreat to Mauthausen, Austria and was near death when Mauthausen was liberated by American forces on May 5, 1945; ·He was pivotal in convincing foreign governments to prosecute Nazi war criminals and aided in the capture of over 1,000 of them; ·Honors and awards bestowed upon him including decorations from the Austrian and French resistance movements, the Dutch Freedom Medal, the Luxembourg Freedom Medal, the United Nations League for the Help of Refugees Award and the French Legion of Honor; ·He was a recipient of the U.S. Congressional Gold Medal, which was presented to him by President James Carter in 1980;