Statement Of Sen. Lamar Alexander - Energy Bill News Advisory

Posted on April 30, 2003

I support the Energy Bill that was reported by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee today. The bill has two limited and important effects on TVA. Number one, TVA transmission lines would become subject to some federal regulation, meaning other utility companies would have greater access to TVA's lines, and TVA would have greater access to other utility companies' lines. Number two, it would permit TVA voluntarily to join Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs). RTOs control the transmission of electric energy in interstate commerce but do not own or control generation facilities used to supply electric energy for sale at wholesale. In the past there has been discussion about a provision to establish the rules and timetable by which TVA would make a transition to a more competitive environment. This provision is often called the "TVA Consensus Title." As chairman of the TVA Congressional Caucus, I will make sure there is a full and open discussion on any such consensus title and its potential effect on jobs, clean air and ratepayers in the Tennessee Valley. I look forward to these discussions over the coming weeks.