Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) Statement on Senate Passage of the Joint Resolution Funding the Government for the Remainder of FY2007

Posted on February 14, 2007

“I’m disappointed the Democratic leadership denied a vote on my amendment to restore $99 million to the Teacher Incentive Fund to provide incentive pay to good teachers and principals in the big-city districts that need the most help, including Memphis,” said Alexander. “This is an innovative program to award outstanding teachers, which is at the center of almost every discussion in America about how we improve our schools. “Still, there is some good news for Tennesseans in today’s vote,” said Alexander. “If the Department of Energy does what it ought to do, there should be enough money to fully fund two massive projects at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory: the new Spallation Neutron Source, which is the worlds leading new machine for materials research, and the effort that Oak Ridge is leading to help the U.S. regain our global lead in supercomputing. And the Corps of Engineers has sufficient resources to meet Tennessee’s immediate needs, including at Chickamauga Lock. “I am also pleased that this legislation provides a needed boost to education and scientific research that will help keep our brainpower advantage and keep our jobs from going overseas. There is also good news for college students because the funding to Pell Grants was also increased.”