Alexander on Fox News’s Outnumbered Overtime: President’s Immigration Comments Yesterday were “Real Presidential Leadership”

Posted on January 25, 2018

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Watch the interview HERE. Excerpts below:

Let’s bring in Republican Senator Lamar Alexander from Tennessee, and he’s part of that bipartisan immigration group that has been working on this legislation. I take it there has been some movement that you can tell us about that might be positive.

First: The president’s statement is a positive movement. That is real presidential leadership. I said to the president earlier this year, ‘Mr. President, President Bush couldn’t do it, President Obama couldn’t do it, they both tried. You could do it. You could be Nixon to China on immigration.’ This isn’t something that the Nashville City Council can solve or the state can solve, the president and the Congress have to create a legal immigration system and you can do it, and I think his comments yesterday are an important part of presidential leadership to solve the problem.

As you’ve put together this bipartisan group and you’re working on this, have you called specifically on the president--give us your thoughts and your vision?

Yes, I welcome the president’s comments. I met with the Secretary the Department of Homeland Security this week and said ‘Please give us your recommendations, please provide technical advice.’ We want the president’s advice. Now, it will be up to the Senate what we pass, we want to pass a bill with at least 70 votes so the president will sign it and if he signs it the House will be more likely to pass it. So yes we want the president’s advice.