Alexander Says Short-Term Funding Bill Will “Allow the New Congress to Take Real Steps Toward Reducing Alarming Debt”

Says, “Big debts force big countries into bad decisions”

Posted on December 21, 2010

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) said that the Senate’s passage today of legislation to fund the government through March 4th at current spending levels “will allow the new Congress to craft spending bills that take real steps toward reducing our alarming federal debt.”


On the Senate floor last Tuesday, Alexander spoke of the need to address the nation’s debt problem, saying:


“I picked up a book the other night called The British Overseas. It is a British historian's view of the American Revolution. He pointed this out: At the time of the American Revolution, the interest on the national debt of the British Empire amounted to one-half of the national revenue of the British Empire. In other words, at the time we fought for and won our independence, Great Britain had an unconscionable debt. The debt forced the British into some imprudent decisions. One was the Stamp Act and one was a little tax on tea, which occurred at about that time. Big debts force big countries into bad decisions.”


The Senate took up consideration of a short-term Continuing Resolution that will fund the current government until early next year after the Senate Democratic Leader dropped plans to debate a nine-month Omnibus spending bill that Alexander described as a “2,000-page bill full of surprises and increased spending.”


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