Sen. Alexander: Obamacare Unraveling

Says pushing employer mandate off until after 2014 election confirms law was historic mistake

Posted on July 3, 2013


"This is the train wreck that the senator who wrote the law predicted was coming. The new health care law should be repealed and replaced with effective legislation that will reduce costs by involving patients more in health care decision-making." –Lamar Alexander

MARYVILLE, Tenn., July 2—The senior Republican on the U.S. Senate health committee today released the following statement on the administration’s announcement that it would delay until 2015 the new health care law’s mandate that employers provide workers with health insurance:

U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) said: “This is Obamacare unraveling. This is the ‘train wreck’ that the Senator who wrote the health care law predicted was coming. Pushing the implementation of the employer mandate until after the 2014 election confirms the law was an historic mistake. It should be repealed and replaced with effective legislation that will reduce costs by involving patients in health care decision making. This delay will make a giant mess of the individual mandate because presumably individuals are still required to purchase insurance.”


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