Alexander: “It Makes No Sense to Raise Taxes on Anybody in the Middle of a Recession”

Says “To [continue to] be a great country, we need to make it easier and cheaper to create private sector jobs”

Posted on November 22, 2010

“It’s as if [Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid] never heard a word in this election.” – Lamar Alexander

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) yesterday appeared on Fox News’s “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” to discuss the upcoming debate in Congress over whether or not to allow tax rates to rise on millions of Americans starting January 1 next year. Excerpts of the interview follow, and the full interview can be viewed by clicking HERE:

On whether Congress should allow tax rates to rise in January:

  • “It’d be irresponsible for [Congress] to adjourn this year without extending the current tax rates … because it makes no sense to raise taxes on anybody in the middle of a recession. We’ve got two or three weeks in which to do it. The president’s former budget director [Peter Orszag] suggested it, Republicans are for it, so let’s do it.”             


  • “What we need to do … to be a great country is, one, make it easier and cheaper to create private sector jobs, and two, do something about the debt. Now, if you want to make it easier and cheaper to create private sector jobs, you don’t take tax dollars away from the job creators at a time they might be using [them] to create jobs.”


On why Congress has not yet addressed the issue:

  • “Well, [the Democratic Majority controls] that, but [Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is] bringing up the DREAM Act, ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ – he’s got a long list of things he’s going to bring up. It’s as if he never heard a word in this election. I mean, the American people said … the best way to keep private sector jobs alive in this country is to not raise taxes on people who are creating those jobs.”


  • “We had a Democratic president, we had big Democratic majorities in the House and Senate and they set the agenda. Now we’ve had an election and we’ve got a Republican House after January, but we still have a Democratic president and we’ll still have a Democratic Senate. So the answer is the Democrats want the taxes to go up.”  

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