Alexander Praises $7.7 Million Increase for Supercomputing

Presents “Muddy Boot Award” to two deserving Tennesseans

Posted on January 4, 2008

U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) today welcomed Dr. Raymond Orbach – U.S. Under Secretary for Science at the U. S. Department of Energy – and thanked him for his leadership in helping to develop the Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) supercomputing capability and Spallation Neutron Source. Alexander also presented the “Muddy Boot Award” to two Tennesseans who have helped build the economic base in Oak Ridge. “Since the days of the Manhattan Project, Oak Ridge has been a leader in national security programs, science and technology advancements, and energy research,” said Alexander, a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee which oversees all federal spending, including at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. “Dr. Orbach’s leadership helped pave the way for Senator Corker, Congressman Wamp and myself to secure an extra $7.7 million for supercomputing at Oak Ridge. That means the supercomputing work at Oak Ridge will continue as planned, fully honoring the lab’s contract, so that the best cutting-edge research is done right here in Tennessee.” The Appropriations bill for fiscal year 2008 that funded activities at ORNL included the following projects: · Supercomputing – $484.7 million - an increase of $7.7 million above fiscal year 2007 · Hot Cells (which produce radioactive isotopes) – a total of $15 million · Spallation Neutron Source was fully funded at $160 million At the meeting of more than 200 members of the East Tennessee Economic Council (ETEC), Alexander also presented the council’s “Muddy Boot Award” to Jan McNally and Timothy Myrick for their exceptional dedication to building a stronger economic base in Oak Ridge. “The Order of the Muddy Boot is one of Oak Ridge’s great traditions,” continued Alexander. “Jan’s commitment to health services and Timothy’s emphasis on the environment and nuclear waste management are not only impacting their careers and community, but helping the economy in East Tennessee remain steady and strong.” Since Oak Ridge’s Manhattan Project days, the ETEC has served as a catalyst for the regional economy by working with companies, individuals, and government to expand science and technology, national security and energy programs in Oak Ridge. Each year the ETEC honors individuals or groups of people that have helped build the community’s economic base with a “Muddy Boot Award.” The award was started in 1973 by the ETEC to reflect the Manhattan Project founders of Oak Ridge, who worked through adverse conditions to build the community. Past recipients of the award include former U.S. Senator Howard Baker, President of Lockheed Martin Gordon Fee and ORNL Director Herman Postma.