Jackson Insurance Regional HQ Brings Well Paying Jobs To Area

Posted on May 25, 2010

WASHINGTON—Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker, together with Representatives Marsha Blackburn and Lincoln Davis welcome Jackson National Life Insurance Company’s new regional headquarters to Williamson County. Jackson, a Michigan based company, will begin operations in the Cool Springs area of Franklin this June, with plans to house up to 750 employees in the coming years.

Welcoming the company to the area, Rep. Blackburn said, “I am thrilled that Jackson National Life Insurance chose Williamson County for their regional headquarters, but I am not surprised. Tennessee is becoming the first stop for growth-minded companies. In Williamson County, Jackson Insurance will not only find talented and motivated employees, they’ll find great neighbors.”

“It’s fitting that this company named for Tennessee’s own Andrew Jackson is relocating to Franklin, not far from Jackson’s historic home at the Hermitage,” Senator Alexander said. “We’re excited to welcome Jackson National Life Insurance to Williamson County and appreciate the good jobs they’re bringing to Middle Tennessee.”

"I am thrilled that in this economy we are able to welcome Jackson Insurance and hundreds of new, good jobs to Tennessee,” Senator Corker said. “Once again, the message this sends to companies across the country and around the world is that Tennessee is a great place to do business.”

“Tennessee welcomes Jackson National Life Insurance with open arms,” said Rep. Davis. “They will find us to be hard-working, reliable, honest, and community-oriented. I thank Jackson National Life for choosing Tennessee; I can guarantee they will get a return on their investment.”