Alexander: “It’s the economy, Mr. President”

Says, “It is time for President Obama to focus on fixing the banks”

Posted on March 19, 2009

U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) today made the following comments on the floor of the U.S. Senate: • “Yesterday, President Obama filled out his bracket for the NCAA basketball tournament. He picked North Carolina, which predictably caused their rival Duke’s Coach ‘K’ to say, ‘As much as I respect what he’s doing, really, the economy is something that he should focus on probably more than the brackets.’” • “The president is very impressive and capable of doing many things at once. But, we don’t need a lot of things done at once right now. We have one big issue – it’s the economy, Mr. President. . .there’s only one person who can do what the President of the United States can do. He is the agenda setter; he is the mobilizer.” • “In October of 1952, General Eisenhower was running for president and said, ‘I shall go to Korea.’ He was elected . . . and President Eisenhower focused on the Korean War, ended it, and the country was grateful. It is time for President Obama to focus on fixing the banks and getting the economy moving again.” • “There is a 10-year picture of where American will go under the president’s proposed budget. It will bring much more government, add much more debt, and will turn over to our children a country that they’ll have a hard time affording and in which they’ll have fewer choices. It’s not the kind of country I want to see.” • “Raising taxes on owners of small businesses in the middle of a recession is not the way to create new jobs.” • “We need the president to focus on the economy and concentrate on it until the banks are fixed and credit is flowing. And we need a budget that doesn’t spend so much, tax so much or raise the debt so much. Otherwise, we’ll deliver a country to our children and grandchildren that they can’t afford.” A full transcript is available upon request.