Alexander Statement Against Invoking Cloture on H.R. 6, the House-Passed Energy Bill

Posted on December 7, 2007

“If Congress is serious about lowering the $3 dollars a gallon price of gasoline, diminishing our dependence on foreign oil and reducing the amount of carbon in the air, then we need to pass the Senate energy bill with its fuel efficiency standards for vehicles and its renewable fuels standard,” said Alexander. “Adding a Washington-imposed mandate on how utilities produce electricity, which is essentially a tax on those of us who live in the southeast, is not the answer.” The CLEAN Energy Act of 2007, which passed the Senate 65 to 27 in June, would have raised fuel efficiency standards by 10 miles per gallon over 10 years (to an average of 35 miles per gallon) and increased ethanol production. The proposed increase in the CAFE fuel efficiency standards for passenger cars and light trucks would achieve up to an 18 percent reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from expected levels and save consumers nearly $100 billion at the gas pump. The House-passed bill, which included a “Renewable Electricity Standard” that mandates electricity production from certain resources which are not plentiful in Southern states, failed in the Senate today by a vote of 53 to 42 (60 votes were required to invoke cloture). Alexander voted no.