Alexander Statement on the Tennessee Valley Authority’s CEO Salary

Posted on April 8, 2020

MARYVILLE, Tenn., April 8, 2020 – United States Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) today released the following statement on the Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) CEO salary:

“Attacking TVA doesn’t do one thing to solve the pandemic and has no place in federal COVID-19 response legislation. TVA does not receive one dollar in federal taxpayer subsidies or federal appropriations. To help families pay their electric bills and keep their power on during this crisis, TVA has made $1 billion in credit available to help 154 local electric utilities in seven states. White House staff is unfortunately spreading inaccurate information. When this crisis is over, I’ll be glad to explain to them the facts about the TVA CEO’s pay, which is lower than other big utilities, and TVA’s rates, which are among the lowest in the country, and the number of federal taxpayer dollars going to TVA , which is zero.”