Alexander: President Trump and the Republican Congress Are Getting Results for the American People

Says most recent example is new law cutting red tape for Tennessee’s community banks and credit unions

Posted on June 1, 2018

FRANKLIN, Tenn., June 1, 2018 – United States Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) today spoke with members of the Williamson County Association of Realtors about what President Trump and the Republican Congress have accomplished over the last 17 months.

“When I travel across the state, some people will say to me, ‘Why doesn’t Washington ever get anything done?’ My answer to them is that President Trump and the Republican Congress are getting results for the American people – passing the most significant tax reform in 31 years to help keep more money in Tennesseans’ pockets, appointing conservative judges and repealing regulations,” Alexander said. “Just this week, the president signed legislation into law that will eliminate some unnecessary reporting requirements on Tennessee’s community banks and credit unions, which will help make it easier for Tennesseans to turn to their local financial institution for help buying a home or investing in a small business.”

Alexander also talked with members about how the Administration is helping America’s self-employed entrepreneurs and small businesses with its new initiative that would allow a self-employed Tennessee plumber or farmer or an employee of a small business to buy the same kind of less expensive health insurance that employees of large companies can buy today. These plans – known as Association Health Plans – could not charge employees more if they have pre-existing conditions, and must include the other patient protections required for large employers. 

“The Administration’s Association Health Plans could provide small businesses and self-employed Americans, such as realtors like some of you, with the same health coverage opportunities, cost advantages, and coverage protections that employees of large companies enjoy today. For the Tennesseans who have seen their premiums go up by 176 percent on the Obamacare exchanges, the administration appears to have found a solution.”

In January of 2018, the U.S. Labor Secretary Alex Acosta proposed a rule to allow self-employed Americans and more small businesses to band together to provide an Association Health Plan—which should help reduce health insurance costs. Alexander talked with Secretary Acosta about these plans at a Senate subcommittee hearing in April.