Alexander on Tomorrow’s NLRB Trial: “All Eyes Will Be on Seattle, When [Boeing], One of Our Nation’s Greatest Assets, Will Be Put on Trial for Investing, Creating, and Innovating in the Middle of a Recession”

Says case “may be the most important battle over labor laws in the United States today”

Posted on June 13, 2011

“[All] states will suffer, because a company that … is unionized will effectively be prevented from growing or expanding to a right-to-work state, therefore hindering the ability of any state to attract new manufacturers and create new jobs” – Lamar Alexander

WASHINGTON – In a floor speech delivered in advance of tomorrow’s hearing of the National Labor Relations Board’s complaint against Boeing, the nation’s largest manufacturer, U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) called the NLRB’s complaint “the latest attempt by this administration to chip away at right-to-work laws, to change the rules and give unions more leverage over employers, and to allow politically influenced bureaucrats in Washington to determine the means of production for private industry in the United States”
Alexander spoke on the Senate floor Thursday evening about Tuesday’s hearing in Seattle before an administrative law judge, at which Boeing will defend against a claim that the company’s decision to expand production of its next generation airliner in South Carolina, a right-to-work state, was a violation of federal labor law.
Alexander said of Tuesday’s trial: “This will be a true test of whether manufacturers are able to make in the United States what they sell in the United States, or whether they will be encouraged to make overseas what they sell in the United States. It will test whether they put jobs over there, instead of creating them here. And it will test whether the Administration's economic policy is exporting airplanes or exporting jobs.”

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