Chattanooga Times Free Press: Sen. Alexander on spending

Posted on March 29, 2010

Tennessee’s very responsible U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander soundly warned recently that “Congress must stop spending money we don’t have, or else the next generation will never forgive us for leaving them in such a dire financial condition.”

    With our current national debt at $12.7 trillion, with the budget deficit for the year running $1.5 trillion, and with the trillion-dollar-plus ObamaCare having just been enacted, the good sense that Sen. Alexander expressed should be obvious to us all.

    Sen. Alexander expressed his support for a limit on “discretionary spending.” That’s spending that is not really essential. Not spending it would not adversely affect our national defense and other things that our Constitution properly requires our federal government to do.

    Sen. Alexander called attention to what should be an alarming fact: “Discretionary spending is approximately 40 percent of the federal budget.”

    He favors at least a start on curbing financial irresponsibility by limiting the growth of discretionary spending “to about 2 percent” as “a good start on reducing our nation’s alarming federal debt.”

    Unfortunately, the president and a majority of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives do not share the very minimal proposal that Sen. Alexander soundly supports.

    Financial responsibility is being grossly ignored by most of our federal officials. And that is not only damaging our current economy, but is sentencing our children and our nation’s future to fiscal damage that will be beyond repair.

    When should we “just begin” to exercise some national budgetary financial responsibility if not now?