CBS Channel 12 Chattanooga TV: TN Manufacturer's Awards Ceremony held here in the Scenic City

Posted on April 19, 2017

Tennessee businesses got recognized here in Chattanooga by the Tennessee Association of Manufacturers.

It took place at their annual awards banquet and there we caught up with the key note speaker of the event, Senator Lamar Alexander.

Senator Lamar Alexander brought a well received message of deregulation to the annual awards banquet of the Tennessee Association of Manufacturers.

“Regulations are a bigger issue than taxes for many Tennesseans.”

As the keynote speaker at Wednesday’s event in downtown Chattanooga, Senator Alexander highlighted rollbacks to regulations put in place by President Obama’s administration… barely 90 days after Trump replaced him in the Oval Office.

“One of the things that the republican majority and the new president are doing is getting rid of excessive regulations. we have gone through 13 of the Obama era regulations that we thought were over reaching and we have repealed those regulations over the past 90 days.”

Those repeals are expected to save businesses across the country an estimated 62-billion dollars.

Senator Alexander said that the next big hurdles are Tax reform, a roads and infrastructure program, and healthcare legislation.

“For example in Hamilton county there are 15,000 citizens of this county who have an affordable care act subsidy to help them by insurance, Obama care insurance. The problem is that the program is working so poorly that the insurance companies are pulling out and in 2018 they may have no insurance to, but it will be like having a bus with no buses running so what Senator Corker and I have don’t is introduce regulation so if you live in Hamilton county or anywhere in Tennessee you have zero options for insurance next year you can use you Affordable Care Act subsidy to buy insurances off the exchange any state approved plan.”

Senator Alexander also told members of the Tennessee Association of Manufacturers that President Trump’s Labor Secretary nominee, Alexander Acosta, would soon be confirmed by the United States Senate so “he can get to work creating an environment for workers in Tennessee to succeed in a rapidly changing workplace.”