The Tennessean: How Lamar Alexander brokered deal that led to Music Modernization Act

Posted on January 31, 2018

When a spectrum of music industry stakeholders sat at the negotiating table over the last year to discuss a possible deal for music copyright reform, they got more than cursory attention from Sen. Lamar Alexander, who had been pushing for a compromise.

Instead of merely sending staffers or keeping tabs from afar on talks between songwriters, publishers, digital music companies and performance rights organizations, Alexander, R-Tenn., himself sat in on the talks.

Key members of those talks, including heads of trade groups who came to agreement on the Music Modernization Act, credit Alexander's involvement in those talks for having a tremendous impact...

“Senator Lamar Alexander is one of the key architects of this legislation and it is going to become law because of his extraordinary leadership and commitment to songwriters,” National Music Publishers Association President and CEO David Israelite said. “We could not have a better champion.”

Bart Herbison, executive director of the Nashville Songwriters Association International, recalled a phone call from Alexander around Christmas in 2016 that crystallized the need to broker a deal with the Digital Music Association, which represents the streaming companies.

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