Tennessean: Alexander touts new `book’ on nuclear power vs. wind

Posted on April 21, 2010

Sen. Lamar Alexander took the opportunity of this week’s 40th anniversary celebration of Earth Day to highlight his ongoing promotion of expanding nuclear power as a better alternative to reduce carbon emissions that wind power.

“During 2009, America’s national energy policy looked more like a national windmill policy — the equivalent of going to war in sailboats,” Alexander said during a floor speech on Tuesday. “If we were going to war, the United States would not think of putting its nuclear navy in mothballs. Yet, we did mothball our nuclear plant construction program —our best weapon against climate change, high electricity prices, polluted air and energy insecurity.”

Alexander has put together an online book titled, not surprisingly, “Going to War in Sailboats” compiling five speeches he has made on the subject of nuclear power.