The Hill: Alexander to Obama: Stop education waiver mandates

Posted on November 14, 2014

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) criticized the Obama administration’s new requirements for states to receive education waivers. 

“The U.S. Education Department has heeded no warnings and made no progress on shrinking its National School Board reach,” Alexander said Thursday. “Today's guidance shows the department using waiver renewals to impose even more mandates on states and school districts, such as those concerning state accountability systems and teacher evaluation systems, which are not required in the law.”

The Department of Education announced that, starting in 2015, states would have to implement new education requirements in order to obtain a waiver from No Child Left Behind. 

Alexander has been an ardent critic of Obama’s Department of Education, saying the federal government shouldn’t have so much power. He says states and localities should be making education decisions instead.

“What schools really need is for Congress to take up my legislation, the Every Child Ready for College or Career Act, to return decisions like these back where they belong — in the hands of states, local school boards, and parents,” Alexander said.