Reuters: Senator Lamar Alexander tickles the ivories

Posted on September 23, 2010

In the run up to the Nov. 2 mid-term election, senior Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander has more to worry about than just the results of the vote.

Just three days before the election, Alexander has a date on center stage to play the piano with the Jackson Symphony in Jackson, Tennessee.

“I try to keep a balanced life,” the chairman of the Senate Republican Conference told the Reuters Washington Summit. “I even get to play the piano some, though not as much as I’d like to.”

But on Oct. 30, the classically-trained senator will perform at a concert in Jackson, which he joked “is not Carnegie Hall.”

“I used to do that when I was governor,” he said. “It’s been 26 years since I’ve performed with the Jackson Symphony and that may say something about what they thought of their last experience. Everyone who remembers it is gone.”

Alexander will be playing some Mozart, Chopin and a medley of gospel songs written for him to perform with orchestras and symphonies.

The senior senator from Tennessee, who ran an unsuccessful presidential bid in 1996, even uses music analogies to talk about politics. When speaking about how to get rid of earmarks he said “If someone’s singing out of tune in the Grand Ole Opry, the cure for that is not to cancel the Opry — you cancel the act. So I think that’s how we should deal with earmarks — get rid of the bad ones.”