WPLN, Nashville Public Radio: Senator Calls On Obama To Narrow Focus In Address

Posted on January 27, 2010

Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander says he hopes President Obama will use tonight’s state of the union address to “get back to the middle of the road with a limited agenda.”

Alexander says the new president has bitten off more than the nation can chew, and called for him to focus on creating jobs, controlling debt, and the war on terror. Alexander says he supports President Obama’s stance on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And the Republican Senator says he welcomes any acknowledgement the country is spending too much money.

“Because we’re being asked to raise the debt limit by 1.9 trillion dollars, which is an amount that’s equal to the entire federal budget in 1999, which is stunning.”

Alexander called a proposed freeze on some federal spending a “useful first step.” But he says it doesn’t deal with what he called the real problem of automatic entitlement spending.


Yesterday Alexander and Tennessee Senator Bob Corker were among 16 Republicans who backed a defeated measure to create a senate commission on trimming the deficit. The measure, which needed sixty votes, failed 53 to 46.