U.S. News and World Report: GOP: Real Change Has Arrived

Posted on November 16, 2010

Barack Obama has delivered the 2010 victory line to the new class of Republican lawmakers coming to town: "Change has come to America." 

What was once the Democratic mantra following the Bush presidency has been lifted by the GOP in two new Senate Republican Conference videos that herald the election of new Republicans and reminds the rookies that the old bulls in Washington laid the ground work for their campaigns against spending, taxing, and debt.

In a welcoming ceremony of sorts during the regular Tuesday GOP caucus lunch, Senate Republican Conference Chairman Sen. Lamar Alexander, the GOP's message man and cheerleader, unveiled the two videos. They were met with cheers, and some laughs. Whispers has been provided with both.

The first opens with Obama saying, "Change has come to America," followed by a brief history of the last two years from the GOP standpoint: Obama won election and moved to pass bailouts, healthcare reform and big spending budgets. What follows are GOP lawmakers warning about taxes and debt, issues most GOP candidates, even Tea Party candidates, are later shown mouthing.

The second shows the highlights of election night, with clips from the victory speeches of the new class of Republican senators. It ends with that same Obama line: "Change has come to America," which prompted some applause and laughter.

The theme is unmistakable, say GOP insiders: While some critics say the new class of conservatives and Tea Party members are more conservative and anti-Washington, the issues they ran on were being fought for by the Senate leadership over the past two years. So instead of being a divided GOP, the sitting senators and the new kids reinforce each other, said an aide.