Chattanooga Times Free Press: Editorial: Congress adjourned, but ...

Posted on October 6, 2010

We can’t say we are sorry that Congress adjourned recently, until after the November elections. It’s often much “safer” for the American people these days when Congress is out of session than when it is in session.

That’s because Congress nowadays tends to do so much that is seriously harmful to American taxpayers and our economy.

Tennessee’s fine Sen. Lamar Alexander remarked recently, and correctly, that “This Democratic Congress is going home with more concern about their own jobs than the 10 percent of Americans who don’t have jobs. They are more concerned about Election Day than New Year’s Day, when Americans will face one of the biggest tax hikes in American history.

“What Democrats have to say when they go home is they didn’t pass a budget, didn’t accept Republican suggestions to freeze spending, didn’t stop the upcoming tax hikes and passed an unpopular health bill.

“Democrats have given us too much spending, too much debt and too many Washington takeovers — that’s the message the Democrat Congress is taking home.”

Alexander has thus summed up the congressional situation pretty well.

It should be noted, of course, that “we the people” get to elect all members of the House of Representatives and one-third of the members of the Senate in the November election, determining the ones who will assemble in Congress in January.

We should choose wisely in November — based upon the incumbents’ philosophies, their votes on record and their general performance in office.

Some observers are predicting many of the majority Democrats will be voted out of office in November. Some members of Congress should be voted out of office, based upon their performance. Some should be re-elected. We need to sort them out and vote appropriately.

Some observers are suggesting there could be Republican majorities in one or both houses of Congress after the November elections, to deal with President Barack Obama during the remaining two years (at least) that he will be in office.

We hope there will be no more damage done to our economy, or to our nation in other respects, before some current members of Congress are relieved of power and some better members take office in January.

It will make a great deal of difference what people we elect to be the majority in November.

“We the people” have a great opportunity — and a great responsibility.