The Hill: Senate teams battle for softball 'Crockett Cup'

Posted on July 22, 2011

Even on the ballfield, lawmakers can’t resist accusing each other (in jest) of violating the rules - even if they happen to be members of the same party and from the same state.

Both Sen. Lamar Alexander and Sen. Bob Corker were there on a hot and sticky Wednesday night as their respective Senate softball teams battled it out for the Crockett Cup (named after the most famous Tennessean to rock a coonskin hat, Davy Crockett).

After several intense innings, Alexander’s “The Greats” beat Corker’s “TNacious” with a score of 28-20. It was the first time in four years that Alexander’s squad was able to snag the coveted Crockett Cup, a fact that Sen. Corker was quick to point out at an awards ceremony, and which he reiterated in a statement to ITK, “I congratulate the senior senator and his team on their first win in several [Corker’s emphasis, not ITK’s] years. We didn’t recognize many of the players (ringers) as Alexander staffers, so I especially applaud Lamar on his superior recruiting skills.”

Sen. Alexander jokingly retorted, “This is one game where, regardless of the outcome, Tennessee wins – a great game among friends. And any resemblance of so-called ‘ringers’ on our team to former Vanderbilt or University of Tennessee baseball players is purely coincidental.”

Buoyed by its Crockett Cup win, “The Greats” are currently tied for first place in its division. 

ITK, for one, loves any reason for politicians to playfully pick on each other, and encourages further softball smack-talk.