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The State of Tennessee leads the country when it comes to balancing its budget, keeping a competitive tax code with no state income tax and pushing to set its own priorities in education. In fact, I think Washington could learn a lot by listening to Tennessee.

One of my predecessors, the great U.S. Senator Howard Baker Jr., who inspired a generation of Tennesseans to public service, once made a speech on the Senate floor. When he asked his father-in-law, Republican Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen of Illinois, what he thought of the speech, Dirksen said, "Howard, occasionally, you might try to enjoy the luxury of an unexpressed thought."

Senator Baker said he learned since then how to become "an eloquent listener." I think that is pretty good advice, and it's how I try to approach my work as senator as I represent Tennesseans in Washington.

Tennesseans tell me they want Washington to learn some of our state's common sense. My biggest goals are to find ways for the federal government to get out of the way freeing up states, freeing up businesses and freeing up individuals to succeed in our free enterprise system. I want to keep more decisions in Tennessee, push back against mandates like the federal health care law, unleash the private sector to create good jobs, fix the nation's debt and help improve the education of our children.

I hope you'll visit this website frequently to stay informed about what I'm doing and to keep in touch with me, so I can better serve you.

Lamar Alexander Dig Sig