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Floor Speech: On Obamacare

November 14, 2013 - November 14, 2013

           The Tennessean reported on Tuesday morning in its headline that the state's largest underwriter is notifying 66,000 clients that their policies don't meet ACA coverage requirements.  In other words, they are losing those policies. 

            I have a letter from a woman, Emilie, who lives in Middle Tennessee who was one of 16,000 Tennesseans who is part of another plan called CoverTN.  She is losing her policy. 

            She says: 

                        “I am 39 year old single woman with a chronic illness, Lupus.  I worked my way through college.   

            As a person with a chronic illness that was deemed ‘uninsurable,’ the only way I was able to obtain health insurance was through an employer based program called CoverTN...Although some call it a minimal coverage plan, it has been stellar AND affordable...I was excited to hear about the Affordable Health Care Act.  I was glad to hear that "uninsurables" could no longer be denied coverage...unfortunately [that] is NOT TRUE.

            I cannot keep my current plan because it does not meet the standards of coverage.  This alone is a travesty.  CoverTN has been a lifeline. 

            With the discontinuation of CoverTN, I am being forced to purchase a plan...that will increase [my costs] by a staggering 410%.  My out of pocket expense will increase by more than $6,000.00 a year.  Please help me understand how this is ‘affordable.’

            I beg of you to continue the fight for those, like me, who would only ask to be allowed to continue to have what we already enjoy.  A fair health insurance plan at a fair price.” 

            That is from Emilie, who is a 39-year-old woman from Tennessee. 

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